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  • T.A. Lauta: Clean, safe and reliable

    Statistically, every one of us produces enough waste each week to fill a water bucket.

    In a modern, ecologically oriented industrial society, it is a matter of common sense to recycle waste as much as possible, because the careful use of natural resources is becoming increasingly important. Our efforts to separate and recycle the recyclable materials present in waste have therefore become increasingly intensive.

    Thermal waste treatment offers several advantages in this context: 

    • The combustion heat is used to generate power. This means that less primary energy has to be produced from coal, oil or gas. 
    • Recyclable materials from incineration residues are returned to the production cycle. 
    • Harmful and hazardous waste constituents are destroyed, converted, separated and safely retained in accordance with the provisions of the Technical Instructions for the Disposal of Municipal Solid Waste (TASi).
    • Facts and figures
      Plant Thermische Abfallbehandlung Lauta
      Owner Iqony Waste to Energy GmbH
      Location Industrie- und Gewerbegebiet Lauta, Straße B Nr. 5 
      Function Thermal disposal of domestic waste, bulky waste and industrial waste similar to domestic waste                 
      Construction Period 2001-2004
      Commissioning 2004
      Employees 57
      Plant capacity 225,000 varying according to calorific value and operating hours
      Incineration 2 incineration trains with max. 16,5 t/h throughput per train
      Combustion grate Reciprocating grate with fixed and moving grate bars, partially watercooled
      Steam generator Vertical pass natural circulation boiler with superheater
      Dampfmenge 2 x 45 t/h
      Dampfdruck 40 bar
      Dampftemperatur 400 °C
      Turbinenleistung 20 MW
      Entsorgte Abfallmenge (2018) 221.032 t
      Energieerzeugung 400 MWh/day
      Rostschlacke (2018)          61.108 t
    • Environmental protection

      T. A. Lauta secures the economically sensible and ecologically sound disposal of domestic waste and similar industrial waste for more than 1 million people in the long term.

      Environmental protection does not come free of charge. € 130 million was invested in the construction of the modern plant. The best possible protection of the environment is a top priority for T. A. Lauta.

    So funktioniert die Abfallverwertung in Lauta

    Treated gas Untreated coke Baghouse return line Induced draft fan Milk of lime suspension Electricity fed in to public grid
    Reciprocating grate
    The waste is conveyed along the grate by constant thrust motions of the grate runs and incinerated at furnace temperatures of up to 1,000 °C.
    Steam generator
    The heat released during combustion generates steam. Every hour, each of the two boilers produces around 45 metric tons of steam at a pressure of 40 bar and a temperature of 400 °C.
    Spray absorber
    A suspension of lime in water (also known as “milk of lime”) is injected by means of a rotary atomizer. The flue gases are cooled, and the acidic components of the flue gas react chemically with the milk of lime suspension. The reaction products are discharged.
    The solid particles in the flue gas are retained here. The total filter area is more than 2,000 m².
    Activated carbon filter
    The activated carbon filter is used to remove organic components of the flue gas, such as dioxins and furans, and any sulfur dioxide, hydrocarbons, heavy metals and dust still present in the flue gas.
    SCR system
    The reduction of nitrogen oxides in the flue gas is accomplished by the selective catalytic reduction process. Nitrogen oxides are converted into elemental nitrogen and water vapor – both of which are natural constituents of our atmosphere – by adding ammonia.
    The treated flue gases are discharged into the atmosphere through the stack. The stack contains the sampling points for the emission monitoring instruments.
    All about incoming waste

    Acceptance conditions

    The technical facilities of the waste to energy plant in Lauta permit the acceptance of waste whose combustion characteristics are similar to those of domestic waste.


    Organizational information

    In order to ensure a smooth start and rapid handling of your waste deliveries at T.A. Lauta, please observe the information provided on the workflow.


    Delivery regulations for drivers

    Please observe the safety information for drivers of delivery vehicles.