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  • Using waste as a resource

    In our waste to energy plants, waste is not merely incinerated: It is also used to generate energy in the form of electricity, heat and process steam. This reduces the consumption of primary resources such as coal, oil and natural gas.

    Iqony Waste to Energy, a subsidiary of Iqony, has been operating two waste to energy plants since 2017, in which electricity, heat and process steam are produced in a highly efficient process. These are T.A. Lauta and IKW Rüdersdorf. To ensure maximum efficiency, we can draw on the expertise that Iqony has gained in the operation and optimization of power plants and in the disposal of power plant residues.

    T.A. Lauta and IKW Rüdersdorf are in operation around the clock in order to fulfil their waste disposal mandate. In doing so, they contribute to securing the base load in German grid operation and are an important factor in the security of supply. As a service provider, we also make our extensive know-how available to external customers. Germany is one of the pioneers in the recycling of waste as material and energy in Europe, while in other countries a large proportion of waste often ends up in landfills. The topic of "waste to energy" is only now coming onto the agenda in such countries. Consequently, there is also enormous potential outside Germany for services related to waste incineration plants.