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  • IKW Rüdersdorf: Reliable disposal and supply

    With an extremely high level of energy efficiency, the Rüdersdorf Industrial Power Plant incinerates pre-treated waste, predominantly from Berlin and Brandenburg, and uses it to generate electricity.

    IKW Rüdersdorf is located in the district of Märkisch-Oderland on the eastern periphery of Berlin. In the waste to energy plant, processed municipal and industrial waste is thermally recycled. Thanks to its technical equipment, IKW Rüdersdorf can optimally exploit the energy which the fuel contains. The plant thus achieves an unusually high electrical efficiency for waste incineration plants of around 30 percent. In this way, three goals are achieved simultaneously: environmentally friendly and safe waste disposal, highly efficient production of electricity and heat, and avoidance of the use of fossil fuels for electricity production. Most of the electricity is used directly by a neighboring cement plant: CEMEX OstZement GmbH - one of the longest established and largest employers in the region - can therefore almost completely cover its electricity requirements. Any surplus power is fed into the national grid. By using the energy from waste incineration, IKW Rüdersdorf contributes to securing the long-term power supply of the industrial site. In addition, the plant provides economic impetus for the entire Region.

    • Facts and figures
      Plant Abfallverbrennungsanlage IKW Rüdersdorf
      Owner Iqony Waste to Energy GmbH
      Location Siedlerweg 11, 15562 Rüdersdorf bei Berlin/OT Herzfelde 
      Function Thermische Verwertung von Abfällen
      Construction period 2006-2009
      Commissioning January 2009
      Employees 45
      Plant capacity 270,000 t/a
      Incineration 1 train with a throughput of approx. 30 t/h
      Combustion grate Three run reciprocating grate
      Steam generator Natural circulation with 4 vertical passes
      Quantity of steam 120 t/h
      Steam pressure 90 bar
      Steam temperature 400 °C
      Turbine output 35 MW
      Waste disposal (2018) 248,925 Mg
      Electricity generation, gross (2018) 236,639 MWh
      Electricity generation, net (2018) 219,744 MWh
      Bottom ash/slag (2018) 56,124 Mg
    • Teamwork for the environment

      Through the environmental management system of IKW Rüdersdorf, environmental protection is firmly integrated into the everyday operations of the plant. With the aid of modern technology, a dedicated team ensures that the strict legal and approval limits are adhered to. The highly efficient thermal recycling of the waste relieves the strain on the environment and conserves resources.

      Compared to energy generation from fossil primary energy sources such as coal or natural gas, waste incineration makes a significant contribution to climate protection. This is because around 15 percent of the waste consists of renewable carbon. Therefore, the generation of electricity and heat from waste saves an average of 36 percent of CO2 compared to fossil fuels. Recyclable materials from the incineration residues are also returned to the production cycle. Harmful or hazardous contents of the waste, on the other hand, are destroyed, converted, separated and safely retained.

      It is our declared aim to sustainably reduce the environmental footprint of our activities to a minimum. This is why we have made environmental protection an integral part of our operations at IKW Rüdersdorf by implementing a comprehensive environmental management system. The operation of waste to energy plants is subject to strict pollution control regulations. With the aid of complex cleaning and filter systems, we ensure that pollutants are reliably captured and do not pollute the environment. Our employees are not only trained and instructed in accordance with operational requirements and statutory regulations. Thanks to extensive training and further education measures, they are always abreast of the latest know-how. In this way, we ensure when operating the plant that the strict legal and approval limits are adhered to at all times.

    So funktioniert die Abfallverwertung in Rüdersdorf

    Turbine Generator Turbine Generator Stromeinspeisung ins öffentliche Netz Kettle dust Filter ash Hydrated lime Oven coke Treated gas Hydrated lime doped activated carbon Water Electricity fed in to public grid Induced draft fan Milk of lime suspension
    Reciprocating grate
    The waste is conveyed along the grate by constant thrust motions of the grate runs and incinerated at furnace temperatures of up to 1,000 °C.
    SCR system
    The reduction of nitrogen oxides in the flue gas is accomplished by the selective catalytic reduction process. Nitrogen oxides are converted into elemental nitrogen and water vapor – both of which are natural constituents of our atmosphere – by adding ammonia.
    Spray absorber
    A suspension of lime in water (also known as “milk of lime”) is injected by means of a rotary atomizer. The flue gases are cooled, and the acidic components of the flue gas react chemically with the milk of lime suspension. The reaction products are discharged.
    The solid particles in the flue gas are retained here. The total filter area is more than 2,000 m².
    The treated flue gases are discharged into the atmosphere through the stack. The stack contains the sampling points for the emission monitoring instruments.
    All about Incoming waste

    Acceptance conditions

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